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Please find some information that might help you below. Write an email to with any other questions. I will get back to you asap.

Loving kindness
Sonja Monica




My order is delayed. What do I do?
When the delay is caused by me, I will send you an email to let you know what’s going on and when you can expect your package. If the delay is caused otherwise, please look at your track & trace provided by your chosen shipping provider for any updates. For any further questions, you are welcome to contact me via

I didn’t receive an order confirmation. What now?
It can take a couple of minutes before you receive your order confirmation. Make sure to check your spam folder. If you have not received an order confirmation within 24 hours, write me an email.

What happens if I don’t accept my delivery?
Unfortunately, that does not mean that the parcel will be sent back to me automatically. Instead, it might be destroyed:( Accepting the order is your responsibility, so remember I won’t be able to give you a refund when you refuse a planned delivery.



What kind of payment is accepted?
The webstore accepts all major debit and credit cards from customers in almost every country. There is also a PayPal option. Mobile Pay is an option for Danish customer only.

art posters.

Can I order a custom-sized print?
Send an email to with your request and I can check out what the possibilities are. Normally, I don’t offer custom-sized prints. Only what is on offer in the shop. I will try and add other products, formats, and services ongoing. Please subscribe to get notifications about that.

Can I buy the original artworks?
Yes, you can. Send me an email ( with the name of the artwork you are interested in. If it is for sale, I will email you a quote and you can see if you are still interested.

How is the paper quality of your posters?
I only want to sell products in my shop I can vouch for. So, all posters are printed with care and on good quality paper and have not been ‘beautified’ so they stay as close as possible to the original drawings. The standard editions are printed on white, mat paper (offset 250 grams). All luxury editions are printed on a slightly textured paper with a subtle golden shine, that gives a nice feel and look to it. All posters have been printed in Denmark.

Will you be selling other art products in your shop?
Yes, I fully intend to do so. Of course, I am constantly investigating new possibilities for producing other lifestyle products based on the existing art works in my shop. Let me know if you have any special requests and I will gladly look into that too. I am also creating new drawings behind the scenes and will add them to the shop ongoing. Follow me on Instagram if you want to see my progress.



Do you sell frames to go with your art works?
No, sorry, I don’t. Maybe at some point. Right now, I only offer standard poster formats (A3 and A4) that will make it easier for you to buy or find a fitting frame for. Frames can, however, break or make an artwork, so I would like to advise you to find a more neutral frame for my illustrations (this way you will avoid letting the frame take the attention away from the artwork you fell for). In the store section, you will find some examples of neutral framing accompanying each poster. I hope this provides you with some inspiration.


product care.

How can I best handle an art poster bought in your store?
All my art posters are created and packed with great care. For example, I wear gloves when signing and wrapping them. To avoid stains or folds in your poster when unwrapping or while framing, please make sure your hands are clean and the surface you are working on is flat and stable as well as clean. I can recommend 100% focus during this action – this is not only smart, it’s also very Zen.


about me.

Why do you call yourself a zen artist?
The title ‘zen artist’ is very deliberately chosen. While creating art, I always get into a flow and forget everything around me. All I do, is draw or paint with a 100% focus on what I do. While in this state, I feel extremely peaceful and happy and very present. It is the same state I am in when I do my daily zen meditation practice and I can highly recommend it.

What makes you create art?
I believe, we all have talents and that it is a good thing to share those talents with others. Most of my life, I have been sharing my communication skills for many different people and organizations. Due to several events in my life, however, I picked up painting in 2017 and, later, began drawing again. I immediately felt that this was what I really wanted and should be doing with my life. So, I finally gathered the courage to follow my heart, took a leap of faith (in 2021) and became a fulltime artist. By selling personalized reproductions of my artworks and originals, I hope to be able to support myself financially so I can continue to do what I love most. I also hope that my art will bring other people joy too. Let me know how I am doing, okay?

Where do you get your inspiration?
I don’t always know. Ideas just pop into my head, all the time probably caused by some unconscious trigger. I then play around with them for a while to see where this takes me. When I am stay captivated by an idea, I will either start to make small sketches and notes or start to draw the illustration straight away.
I am aware though that nature is probably the biggest source of inspiration. The beautiful Danish countryside and the sea, for example, provide me with interesting textures, forms, colors, and ideas that I can work with. Also, reliving some good feelings or thoughts I once had, can easily bring about a new idea for another drawing. Just look at the FIRST LADIES series – each one came from thoughts I have had when I was a child and totally crazy about dresses and dressing up.

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